Winter Car Safety Tips

Be Prepared! Stay Ahead of the Game with our Winter Car Safety Tips

Winter Car Safety Tips

Winter is coming! Is your car ready? As the weather gets colder, conditions can get unpredictable. It’s a good idea to get your routine vehicle maintenance done and stock your car for winter earlier than you think you’ll need to, so you can make sure you won’t be caught unawares when the first snowfall comes unexpectedly. Courtesy of our service experts here at Hiland Toyota, here’s our checklist of the 4 most important safety measures to take ahead of time!  

Check Your Battery

The colder it gets, the more battery power it takes to start your car. When you bring in your vehicle, make sure to have the battery, charging system, and belts checked to make sure they’re all in working order. Just because your battery worked fine all summer doesn’t necessarily mean it has enough juice to get you through the winter!

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Check Your Antifreeze

Is your car’s antifreeze protection up to snuff? If you’re not sure, we’ll check it for you, or you can check it yourself — an antifreeze/coolant tester only costs a few bucks. It might also be a good time to think about getting your coolant replaced. Dirt and rust particles can clog up the system if it’s been a while, and the rust inhibitors in antifreeze don’t last forever.

Check Your Windshield Wipers

Before the weather gets nasty, see if your windshield wiper blades are getting worn out and need to be replaced — you really don’t want to get caught in bad weather with wipers that don’t work well! Also, you can go through a lot of wiper fluid when the weather is nasty, so it’s a really good idea to refill your car’s wiper fluid around this time of year. It might even be wise to stock up on extra in case you run out.

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Check Your Trunk

Is your car stocked with the things you’ll need in an emergency? At the bare minimum, you’ll want to make sure you have jumper cables, a brush and ice scraper, a show shovel, and a flashlight in your car. It’s also a good idea to have a container of something abrasive like sand or cat litter in your trunk — it’ll give you some traction if you get stuck in snow. Also, think about stashing an extra phone charger in case you have to call for help in an emergency, and an extra blanket in case you have to wait in the cold for help to arrive.