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Wheel Alignment & Tire Rotation Moline IL

The service department at Hiland Toyota provides a wide variety of maintenance on your Toyota, not just oil changes and tire installations. If you are driving around the Quad Cities area and notice that your Toyota is pulling to one side or the steering wheel is off center when you’re driving straight, it might be time to have your wheels aligned. A few more symptoms include uneven tread wear, steering wheel vibration and crooked tire alignment. Contact Hiland Toyota to have your wheels aligned.

Another service we offer is tire rotation, which we recommend you do every 6,000 miles to make sure tire wear is equal on all tires. When front or back tires wear out quicker than the others, you might have to get them replaced and offset the balance between your tires. Luckily, Hiland Toyota offers wheel alignment and tire rotation in Moline IL. To keep your Toyota in tip-top shape, schedule a service appointment with our expert staff.

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Why should I get my tires rotated?

Tire rotation is an integral part of extending the life of your tires. Front tires typically have more weight on them and when the vehicle has front-wheel drive, they tend to wear more quickly than rear tires. If you notice that your front tire treads are more worn down than the back, it might be time to get a tire rotation.

Schedule Service at Hiland Toyota

If you have any questions about your Toyota or feel like it’s time to have a professional take a look at it, schedule a service appointment with Hiland Toyota. Not only can we provide wheel alignment and tire rotation, but we offer battery checks, muffler and exhaust repairs and much more! Schedule an appointment today.

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