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Toyota Wiper Blade Replacement Moline IL

One of the simplest yet easy-to-forget services that your vehicle needs revolves arounds the wiper blades. Your windshield is an extremely important but oft overlooked part of your vehicle. Without the windshield, your face would be exposed to the elements, which no one wants. But you also need to make sure your windshield remains clean and clear so that your visibility isn’t hampered, which is where wiper blades come in. But if left neglected, the wiper blades can become damaged or too dirty to properly clean your windshield. That’s why we offer Toyota wiper blade replacement here in Moline IL.

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When should I get my wiper blades replaced?

It’s ultimately up to you when you get your wiper blades replaced. Mechanics recommend that your wiper blades get replaced every six months to a year, but with something like this it isn’t really up to a regular schedule. If your windshield seems to be much more streaky than normal during a rainfall, your blade might have a tear in it. If you just came out the other end of harsh winter, your blades might have gotten frozen one too many times even if you just replaced them before winter. In the end, you simply need to pay closer attention to your windshield, and when it seems like your blades aren’t doing a job as well as they should be, bring in your vehicle to get them replaced.


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You might be asking yourself why you can’t just replace your wiper blades yourself if they’re so simply. You certainly can, if you know how to get the correct wiper blades for your vehicle and feel comfortable changing them yourself. They’re relatively easy, but mistakes can still happen, which could lead to bigger windshield problems – like scratches. If you don’t feel comfortable changing them yourself, simply schedule a service appointment right here with us at Arlington Toyota and we’ll get the blades replaced for you in a jiffy.

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