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When you first purchased your current Toyota, you likely went in with the following understanding: that the parts that you couldn’t see would work just as effectively as the ones that you could. Certainly, Toyota OEM parts are intended to serve a specific purpose, and that is why, when visitors arrive at Hiland Toyota, we only operate with genuine OEM parts whenever possible. We keep a vast inventory of parts to work just as the original does, and if we don’t have the specific part that you need, we’ll do our best to get it to you in a hurry.

When a driver purchases a genuine OEM part for their repairs, they not only enjoy the security of knowing that the part will be a one-to-one replacement for the faulty part, but also will be saved time and money over the long-term. Factor in the added health of their vehicle, and it’s clear why the need for OEM Toyota parts exists. Visit us at Hiland Toyota, located in the Quad Cities in Moline, IL, to have your repairs done with OEM Toyota parts today!

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Genuine Toyota Parts at Hiland Toyota

When your vehicle’s repairs require a genuine OEM part, you don’t need to look far. At Hiland Toyota, located within the Quad Cities in Moline, IL, we keep a wide variety of OEM parts right on site. Additionally, we also allow our guests to order parts by contacting us or by using our website.

Why Should I Use Toyota OEM Parts?

If there’s one obvious answer for why Toyota drivers should turn to Hiland Toyota for their OEM parts, it’s pretty simple: your car is specifically designed to employ precise parts, and it simply doesn’t get any more precise than Toyota OEM Parts. It ensures that your vehicle will run exactly as intended, and adds the peace of mind of knowing that you’re only using the best parts in your repairs. Factor in the one-year warranty that comes with all OEM parts, and it’s clear that the purchase of an OEM part at Hiland Toyota is precisely what your vehicle needs.

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