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Toyota Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Replacement Moline IL

Though many of them are often overlooked, your Toyota model depends on a lot of essential parts and accessories to keep it moving forward. Some major components of any Toyota vehicle include the ignition coil and spark plugs, both of which help to ignite the mixture of air and fuel that enters your engine. This, in turn, helps your model run, but it also leaves these parts susceptible to damage under extreme temperatures.

If you've been noticing diminished performance when starting your engine or trying to get up to speed, it might be time to bring in your model here to Hiland Toyota. Our factory-certified technicians are located right here in Moline IL, and we can help you take some of the stress out of the daily drive.

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When to Replace Your Toyota Ignition Coil and Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs run a higher risk of damage after around 100,000 miles of use, when they could be less effective in burning or igniting fuel. This, in turn, puts unnecessary stress on your catalytic converter, which can lead your engine to experience a decline in performance.

Schedule Toyota Service in the Quad Cities

In any case, it's best to know what's wrong with your Toyota model before you take it in for repair. That's where we come in – our service team at Hiland Toyota will give your vehicle a complimentary inspection prior to working on it, and you're free to schedule service right from our website! If you need to get your ignition system or spark plugs taken care of, don't worry; our service team, located right in the Quad Cities, is more than happy to help you out at your convenience!

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