Oil Changes for Toyota Cars, Trucks & SUVs Moline IL

The current lineup of Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs available at Hiland Toyota are mechanical and technological wonders rolling on four wheels. Today's Toyota vehicles are more reliable than ever and have the ability to withstand more than a fair amount of abuse from neglectful owners. Just because a Toyota vehicle can survive forgetting an oil change for a little bit, doesn't mean this should become a regular habit. Owners looking to care for - as well as maintain a high potential resale value for - their cars need to make regular maintenance appointments with the experts at Hiland Toyota.

Did you know that not all motor oil is the same. Different vehicles are used for different purposes and that requires a different kind of motor oil and/or maintenance schedule. The highly-trained experts in the Hiland Toyota Service Department will help each vehicle owner determine the best needs for their particular situation. Cut-rate oil change outlets simply don't have the resources or training that are standard at Hiland Toyota. Furthering the gap is the continuing training and education each of our technicians obtains on a regular basis. On top of all of that, we only use factory-approved components in all the Toyota oil changes performed at Hiland Toyota.


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Why do I need to change my oil?

At Hiland Toyota, we don’t call it quits at tire sales. Our full-service tire center can also take care of your other tire needs. If it’s been a while since your tires were rotated, we can take care of that for you. If you find your vehicle involuntarily veering, we are able to take care of your tire alignment needs. The service does not always have to be intensive, either. We’d be more than happy to fill your tires to the proper PSI if you notice your tire pressure monitoring light come on.

Schedule an oil change at Hiland Toyota

Hiland Toyota has made the commitment to making its service operations as technologically advanced as possible. This includes our website where Hiland Toyota customers can schedule an appointment for an oil change, or any other kind of maintenance need, at their convenience. Our appointment scheduling service is open 24 hours a day and once our team gets the message, we will make a return call to confirm what work needs to be done. Hiland Toyota also occasionally offers specials or coupons for oil changes and other basic maintenance needs. Be sure to check our coupons section for money-saving deals.