Toyota 4Runner

The SUV market has dwindled over the past several years in favor of the, in many eyes, new-and-improved crossover segment. But traditional SUVs still have plenty of purpose, and make great options for many types of drivers, like the off-road-ready Toyota 4Runner.

2019 4Runner
2019 4Runner vs 2019 Subaru Outback
2018 4Runner
2016 4Runner

Toyota 86

If you’re looking for a vehicle to sate the appetite of your lead foot, then look no further than the Toyota 86. As sporty and muscular as a coupe can get, the Toyota 86 makes a great option for any driver looking for something that’s quick and stylish.

2019 86
2018 86
2017 86

Toyota Avalon

The Avalon is Toyota’s flagship sedan for a reason – This is a car that can be your oasis from the world as you seamlessly navigate its terrain, and a solid piece of machinery you’ll be proud to own well into the future.

2019 Avalon
2018 Avalon
2017 Avalon
2016 Avalon
2016 Avalon vs Nissan Maxima
2015 Avalon

Toyota Avalon Hybrid

With all of the incredible, luxurious amenities and perks of the Toyota flagship sedan, the Avalon Hybrid adds the brand’s hybrid pedigree to the mix. That means you’ll get the power and outstanding suite of features, plus a heavy dose of hybrid efficiency.

2019 Avalon Hybrid

Toyota C-HR

The newest vehicle on the Toyota lineup is without a doubt the most innovative. The subcompact Toyota C-HR offers astonishing style, unmatched features and plenty more all in its small but attractive package.

2019 C-HR
2018 C-HR
2018 C-HR vs Honda HR-V

Toyota Camry

Does the Toyota Camry have what it takes to become your next ride? Check out everything the latest Camry models have to offer, and we think you’ll want to be in touch with us sooner rather than later to schedule your turn behind the wheel of this most impressive sedan.

2019 Camry
2018 Camry
2018 Camry vs Kia Optima
2017 Camry
2017 Camry vs Honda Accord
2016 Camry
2016 Camry vs Mazda6
2015 Camry
2015 Camry vs Honda Accord
2015 Camry vs Ford Fusion

Toyota Camry Hybrid

While the Avalon may be the brand’s flagship sedan, the Toyota Camry is without a doubt its most popular model. Add a hybrid powertrain to that already impressive package and you’ve got an outstanding vehicle, in the form of the Camry Hybrid.

2019 Camry Hybrid

Toyota Corolla

While the Toyota Corolla might be best known for its incredible starting price, its the standard and available features and up-to-date styling that causes so many to settle on it as their next car. What about you? Learn about the current models here!

2020 Corolla
2019 Corolla
2018 Corolla
2017 Corolla
2017 Corolla vs VW Jetta
2016 Corolla
2016 Corolla vs Nissan Sentra
2015 Corolla
2015 Corolla vs Honda Civic

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

If the Camry is the most popular model on the lineup, the Corolla isn’t too far behind. If there was one thing the Corolla needed over the past few years, it was a hatchback option, and now that option is available.

2019 Corolla Hatchback

Toyota Highlander

When you need a big family vehicle with a third row of seating and a whole lot of capability, you’re probably not even hoping for great fuel economy and advanced comfort and convenience features. But you’re about to meet your match.

2020 Highlander
2019 Highlander
vs 2019 Honda Pilot
2018 Highlander
2017 Highlander
2016 Highlander
2016 Highlander vs 4Runner
2015 Highlander

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

When it comes to the utility vehicle lineup, the most well-known and popular is likely the Toyota Highlander. When you combine all of the specs, features and other perks of the Highlander with an outstanding hybrid powertrain, you get the efficient Highlander Hybrid.

2019 Highlander Hybrid
2018 Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Land Cruiser

Perhaps the rarest and most sought-after vehicle on the Toyota lineup, the Land Cruiser is an all-wheel drive, off-road monster that doesn’t sacrifice style or content to earn that moniker. Packed with excellent features and impressive specs, this beast is ready to tackle anything.

2019 Land Cruiser
2016 Land Cruiser

Toyota Prius

Has a car ever been so synonymous with the technology it helped pioneer as the Prius is with the hybrid class? There’s a reason the Prius has continued to prevail as the striking face of affordable hybrid vehicles. Find out more!

2019 Prius
2018 Prius
2017 Prius
2016 Prius
2016 Prius vs Prius v
2015 Prius

Toyota Prius c

The littlest member of the Prius family, the Prius c was designed with urban, city driving in mind. It’s city fuel efficiency is even greater than its highway, which is usually the other way around, and its small frame allows maneuverability unlike the other Prius models.

2019 Prius c
2018 Prius c

Toyota Prius Prime

The most technological member of the Prius family, the Prius Prime is the newest version of the Prius Plug-in. It offers an incredible number of high-tech features both inside and out, all just sweetening the pot of its incredible plug-in hybrid nature.

2019 Prius Prime
2018 Prius Prime

Toyota Prius v

The final member of the Prius family is the Prius v, which was itself designed with families in mind. A modern version of the classic station wagon, this model not only offers a hybrid powertrain but plenty of versatile space for you, your family and everything you need bring along.

Research Coming Soon!

Toyota RAV4

How does a compact crossover stand out on the North American highway, so chock-full of small SUV options from just about every automaker? By sticking to what people love best about these models – versatility, efficiency, and style – and impressing with tech and comfort at every turn.

2019 RAV4
2018 RAV4
2017 RAV4
2017 RAV4 vs Ford Escape
2016 RAV4
2016 RAV4 vs Mazda CX-5
2015 RAV4

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Earlier we mentioned that the Highlander was only likely the most well-known and popular, and that’s because the RAV4 is another contender for that title. The popular RAV4 is an incredible compact crossover itself, so throwing in that efficient hybrid powertrain only makes the RAV4 Hybrid more alluring.

2019 RAV4 Hybrid
2018 RAV4 Hybrid
2017 RAV4 Hybrid
2016 RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota Sequoia

When it comes to traditional sport utility vehicles, we still have three here on our lineup. We already touched on two, but the final is certainly the largest of the lot. With plenty of space and capability, the Toyota Sequoia is the epitome of Sport Utility.

2019 Sequoia
2019 Sequoia vs 2019 Chevrolet Traverse
2018 Sequoia
2017 Sequoia
2016 Sequoia

Toyota Sienna

The only minivan to offer an All-Wheel Drive option is here at our dealership, with a lot more style and get-up-and-go than you’d probably expect from a member of its class. This is no ordinary family vehicle, and we’ll tell you all about why!

2020 Sienna
2019 Sienna
2018 Sienna
2017 Sienna
2016 Sienna
2015 Sienna

Toyota Tacoma

We’ve waited and pined for the triumphant return of the midsize truck to the American imagination, and we can safely say at this point that the time has come to celebrate – How about by checking out a Tacoma today?

2019 Tacoma
2018 Tacoma
2017 Tacoma
2016 Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline
2016 Tacoma
2016 Tacoma vs Chevy Colorado
2015 Tacoma

Toyota Tundra

You need no-nonsense power for the work that just won’t do itself? The Toyota Tundra might just be the ultimate solution in a surprisingly stylish and comfortable package. What can you do in a Tundra? What can’t you do? Learn more here!

2019 Tundra
2018 Tundra
2017 Tundra
2016 Tundra
2016 Tundra vs Ford F-150
2015 Tundra

Toyota Yaris Hatchback

Not everybody needs or even wants a large vehicle. Some people want something small enough to squeeze into tight parking spaces and garages, but still have enough space to fit their luggage. That’s where the Toyota Yaris comes into play.

2020 Yaris Hatchback

Toyota Yaris

For those drivers who want that tiny, subcompact sedan but don’t need the extra space that a hatchback offers, we introduce to you the Toyota Yaris iA. With plenty of style and content, this little sedan still has plenty to offer despite its small stature.

2019 Yaris
2018 Yaris iA