The Avalon is Toyota’s flagship sedan for a reason – This is a car that can be your oasis from the world as you seamlessly navigate its terrain, and a solid piece of machinery you’ll be proud to own well into the future.

2015 Avalon


While the Toyota Corolla might be best known for its incredible starting price, its the standard and available features and up-to-date styling that causes so many to settle on it as their next car. What about you? Learn about the current models here:

2015 Corolla2017 CorollaCorolla vs Honda Civic


Does the Toyota Camry have what it takes to become your next ride? Check out everything the latest Camry models have to offer, and we think you’ll want to be in touch with us sooner rather than later to schedule your turn behind the wheel of this most impressive sedan.

2015 Camry Camry vs Honda Accord Camry vs Ford Fusion


Has a car ever been so synonymous with the technology it helped pioneer as the Prius is with the hybrid class? There’s a reason the Prius has continued to prevail as the striking face of affordable hybrid vehicles. Find out more:

2015 Prius2017 Prius


How does a compact crossover stand out on the North American highway, so chock-full of small SUV options from just about every automaker? By sticking to what people love best about these models – versatility, efficiency, and style – and impressing with tech and comfort at every turn.

2015 RAV4 2016 RAV4 Hybrid2017 RAV4 Hybrid


When you need a big family vehicle with a third row of seating and a whole lot of capability, you’re probably not even hoping for great fuel economy and advanced comfort and convenience features. But you’re about to meet your match.

2015 Highlander2016 Highlander


The only minivan to offer an All-Wheel Drive option is here at our dealership, with a lot more style and get-up-and-go than you’d probably expect from a member of its class. This is no ordinary family vehicle, and we’ll tell you all about why:

2016 Sienna2015 Sienna


We’ve waited and pined for the triumphant return of the midsize truck to the American imagination, and we can safely say at this point that the time has come to celebrate – How about by checking out a Tacoma today?

2015 Tacoma


You need no-nonsense power for the work that just won’t do itself? The Toyota Tundra might just be the ultimate solution in a surprisingly stylish and comfortable package. What can you do in a Tundra? What can’t you do? Learn more here:

2015 Tundra