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Headlight and Taillight Parts & Replacement Moline IL

The headlights and taillights are some of the most important parts of a vehicle. They let you see at night as well as signal to others when you are braking, turning, or changing lanes. If your car is an older model, it is worth checking to see how bright your lights are. Older vehicles often will need this replacement done sooner than newer vehicles as these lights will start to dim over time. Unfortunately, this is also a common replacement for vehicles involved in accidents.

Whether you were in a recent collision or if the lights are old and worn, stop by Hiland Toyota here in Moline IL! Our expert technicians will order the headlight and taillight parts and replace them as quickly as possible to get you back on the road.

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How are the Headlights and Taillights Replaced?

We understand that every car is unique. When we replace any headlights or taillights, we make sure the replacements are high quality and the right fit for your specific vehicle. Since most drivers don’t know how to carefully replace one of these lights, we do the tough work for you. Replacing a headlight or taillight requires careful handling and has many complicated wires involved. Once the old one’s out, we install the new one and test the lights to make sure they work before we send you on your way.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Hiland Toyota

Whether you need your car to be looked at immediately or later, we are available to service your vehicle for any headlight or taillight issue. If you are in the Moline IL area and would like to set up an appointment and get a service quote, you can do so right on our website. Our service department will get back to you right away. We look forward to hearing from you!

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