Air Conditioner Repair Moline, IL

When warm weather rolls around, one of the most appreciated features a vehicle can have is air conditioning. Whether you are in the Quad Cities area or visit a different region of the United States, summer months can be brutal with hot temperatures. Few things are worse than hot summer days spent in a car that does not have a working air conditioning system. If you are near Moline, IL and the A/C in your vehicle is out of commission, schedule a service appointment with the automotive experts at Hiland Toyota.  To learn more about automotive air conditioner repair, continue reading below!

Why does my car’s air conditioner blow hot air?

Imagine this: you get into your vehicle on a 90-degree day to be greeted by intense heat and humidity. You turn on the air conditioner and instead of enjoying a cool breeze emitted from your vents, you feel warm air blowing at you. Why doesn’t the A/C work anymore? Well, there are a few things that can lead to a malfunctioning air conditioner. For starters, the refrigerant container may be empty or leaking, a hose may be corrupted or your vehicle might be experiencing a problem with its electrical system. For a diagnosis from a professional, bring your vehicle to the Hiland Toyota Service Center.  

Schedule Service at Hiland Toyota

If there is a problem with the air conditioning system in your vehicle, don’t waste time and money by bringing it to inexperienced mechanics; instead, schedule a service appointment with the experts at Hiland Toyota. The technicians at Hiland Toyota are trained to provide service and repairs on Toyota models and are certified working with Toyota OEM parts, so if you have any questions, please reach out to our service department at 309-948-6368. We hope to see you soon!