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Automotive Radiator Service Moline IL

As you probably know, hundreds of different parts help to make your vehicle run and stay in good shape. In order to keep that going, you have to make sure the parts stay in good shape as well. That’s what our service department is for, taking care of all your vehicles’ needs, including automotive radiator service in Moline IL. You might not often think or even hear about your radiator, but it’s a very important part. Without a properly working radiator, your engine would likely overheat leading to potentially dangerous situations and definitely expensive ones.

Instead of letting things get to that, just make sure to stay on top of radiator service. It isn’t something you need to worry about as often as your engine oil, but if your vehicle is older than five years or has more than 50,000 miles, then it’s at a much higher risk. In these cases, whenever you bring your vehicle in for other services, it might be a good idea to have us check your radiator as well.

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When should I get a radiator flush?

You’ve probably heard words like antifreeze and coolant much more often than radiator, even though they go hand in hand. This fluid is what keeps your radiator going, and occasionally it’s important to get what’s called a radiator flush or coolant flush. This is a service in which we add a cleaning solution to the cooling system to flush out things like sediment, debris and rust, then we replace your coolant with a completely new batch of the fluid. Check your owner’s manual for an exact recommendation, but a general rule of thumb is roughly ever 30,000 miles.

Schedule Service at Hiland Toyota

If you think your radiator needs to get looked at or it’s time for a radiator flush, then that means you’ll need to schedule a service appointment right here at the Hiland Toyota Service Department. You can schedule right here on the website or by giving us a call at the sales desk. We look forward to taking care of you and your vehicle!

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