Automotive Fender Repair Moline IL

You’ve probably heard a small automotive collision referred to as a “fender bender” in the past. While it’s used incorrectly in many cases, there is certainly a reason the name popped into existence, and fender benders are certainly some of the most common minor collisions out there on the road. Damage resulting from a fender bender focuses on, you guessed it, your vehicle’s fender. Whether the collision resulted in a small dent or something more serious, our expert technicians here at the Hiland Toyota Body Shop are well equipped to deal with your automotive fender repair here in Moline IL.

What’s the process of fender repair?

When it comes to repairing damage to your fender, the process is relatively simple. Whether your vehicle was manufactured out of high-strength steel, automotive aluminum, carbon fiber or some other material, we’ll start by analyzing the vehicle and assessing the damaged areas. Once we know the extent of the damage we’ll come up with the best plan of attack to take care of it, and move on from there restoring your vehicle to tip-top shape and even touching up painted areas that are in need.

Schedule Service at Hiland Toyota

If you’re in need of fender repair, big or small, all that’s left for you to do is schedule your service appointment here at the Hiland Toyota Body Shop. There are two ways to do this, the simplest being to just fill out a form here on the website with all of the pertinent information and we’ll get back to you A.S.A.P. The other option is to simply give us a call here at the service desk and we’ll get you scheduled for your earliest convenience. Either way, we look forward to taking care of your vehicle and getting you back on the road in no time at all.
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