Auto Paint Repair Moline IL

Having a few scratches or chips in the paint on your vehicle might be fairly low on the list of things to worry about. Your bumpers aren’t falling off, you can open your doors just fine, et cetera. But just because it’s not dangerous to have scratches or paint chips doesn’t mean you have to just leave them there. We like to utilize or vehicles not just to get around town but as an extension of our personalities. They represent us as we move through the world, so the last thing we want is for that image to be scratched or chipped. Well, fear not. If your vehicles been dinged up and you’re ready to get it back in tip-top shape, look no further than the Hiland Toyota Body Shop as we take care of all your auto paint repair needs here in Moline IL. No matter how badly chipped or scratched your exterior is, we’ll do our best to get it back to like new just as fast as we can.

How does auto paint repair work?

If you’re interested in getting the scratches and chips fixed on your vehicle’s exterior but would like to know how it works, we can give you a quick rundown (but don’t be afraid to give us a call for more detailed information). Firstly, we make sure the surfaces we’ll be fixing are completely devoid of any excess materials that will prevent an unflawed finish, then the technicians will get started on the primer. After being primed, the surface is sanded down to that smooth, flawless finish we spoke about and the paint is applied.

Schedule Service at Hiland Toyota

Now that you know we can take care of your auto paint repair needs, all that’s left is to schedule your service appointment right here at the Hiland Toyota body shop! Simply give us a call at the service desk or fill out a form here on our website. We cannot wait to get your vehicle back into the shape you’d prefer!
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