2017 Toyota Highlander in Moline, IL

Toyota was one of the first automakers to recognize the potential of the crossover SUV. To ensure that they will be at the top of the class, the company produced the Toyota Highlander – one of the most respected and popular vehicles in the industry. The arrival of the 2017 Toyota Highlander in Moline, IL to Hiland Toyota is a huge step in the model's development history. For the new model year, Toyota has vastly improved new 2017 Highlander by making the crossover SUV more powerful, more capable, more efficient and safer than ever before.

Among the biggest changes to the 2017 Toyota Highlander in Moline, IL is the all-new 3.5-liter, V-6 engine that will be placed under the hood of many trims. Performance figures for the new 2017 Highlander have received quite the boost for the new model year. Drivers will be able to use all of the nearly 300 horsepower the new engine can produce. Furthermore, Toyota has managed to mitigate most, if any, losses in fuel economy by using a new eight-speed automatic transmission. Functionality has always been a strong point for the Highlander. This trend clearly continues in the new 2017 version. Toyota designers have included a number of storage options in the crossover SUV's interior. Most notable is a shelf built directly into the dashboard which can fit a surprising amount of items.

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New Equipment New Safety Systems Features
Eight-speed Transmission Forward Collision Warning New SE trim grade
3.5-L, V-6 Lane Departure Alert 19-inch alloy wheels
Direct Fuel Injection Automatic High Beams Tuned Suspension
Increased Horsepower Pedestrian Protection Avail. Leather Seats

New trim added to the 2017 Highlander

Within the world of Toyota, the SE trim holds a special place as the sportiest version of a given vehicle. This is true for popular nameplates like the Camry and RAV4. Now its available for the 2017 Toyota Highlander in Moline, IL. The new 2017 Highlander SE comes with a specially-tuned firm suspension for sharper handling, a unique grille which incorporates the headlight housings and an exclusively available new color Salsa Red Pearl. Designers have also distinguished the 2017 Toyota Highlander SE by providing unique interior materials comprised of black leather-trimmed seats with silver stitching. The dashboard and door inserts have matching accents as well.

New Grille design 2017 Toyota Highlander in Moline, IL
New 2017 Highlander SE trim has leather seats in Moline, IL
Integrated rear spoiler 2017 Toyota Highlander in Moline IL

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