2018 Toyota 4Runner Exterior Passenger Side Front

2018 Toyota 4Runner Specs & Features

We haven’t covered the 4Runner much here on our website, but as soon as we realized that we wanted to make sure to touch on it right away. We have plenty of 2018 Toyota 4Runner models in stock currently because it’s one of the best traditional SUVs still available on the market. It makes an excellent off-road companion and promises plenty of versatility and utility. We thought we’d dive into a few of its best specs & features to give you an even better idea of just how capable it is.

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“The 4Runner has a large and loyal following, with dependability being a key factor. Of all the 4Runner purchased in the last ten years (2006-2015), 90 percent are still on the road.”

– John Myers, National Manager of Vehicle Marketing and Communications for Trucks & SUVs, Toyota Motor Corporation

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Versatility, Utility, Capability & Durability

From what we’ve already mentioned, and what Myers added with the quote above, there are four -ilities that are key in the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. At its most base, utility is obviously the most important. After all, it’s in the name of the segment – Sport Utility Vehicle. The 4Runner’s cargo area offers easy access to all of your gear, plus easy organization, thanks to features like the sliding rear cargo deck and power rear glass.

Next, we move onto capability, which is important in any off-road SUV. Not only the typical capabilities of a light-duty truck, such as payload and performance but off-road capabilities as well. The 2018 4Runner offers plenty of power but adds a host of great features like Crawl Control and Multi-terrain Select to make you more capable of tackling those off-road adventures you crave.

Finally, that brings us to versatility and durability. The 4Runner’s body-on-frame construction makes it more than durable enough to weather the harsh conditions of your off-road adventures, as it’s proven over the past three-plus decades. Features like 60/40 split-folding rear seats enhance the vehicle’s versatility as an extension of its utility. All in all, the Toyota 4Runner is a magnificent machine that we’d be happy to get you behind the wheel of, so get in touch!