Toyota Prius Prime model

Have you recently purchased a Rav4 Hybrid or Toyota Prius?

How to drive, fuel and charge a hybrid car

The auto world is ever-evolving, which means that we have to try and keep up. Hybrid vehicles aren’t necessarily new, but as technology advances, so do the cars. Even though the hybrid is old news – especially to Toyota – drivers may still be unaware of how to drive, fuel up and charge a hybrid car. Since hybrids offer better fuel efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint, we wanted to make sure that everyone understands how a hybrid car works and that they don’t require much more care than a regular model. Read the rest of this entry >>

Toyota 4Runner climbing hill

Toyota’s 4Runner gets a TRD Off-Road and TRD Off-Road Premium option

New 2017 Toyota 4Runner trim level options and pricing

The Toyota 4Runner has been around since 1984, acting as one of Toyota’s mid-size SUV options. Now that 2016 has arrived, the 2017 Toyota 4Runner has been rejuvenated, and now, it’s known that the brand will also offer up a couple new trim level options on the model. The idea behind offering the new trims is to give drivers options that are capable of off-roading, while also maintaining a standard SUV feel. The trim levels – the TRD Off-Road and TRD Off-Road Premium – will have their pricing announced sometime later in the year. Read on for more details on the brand-new trim levels! Read the rest of this entry >>

Classic Toyota model

5 Cool Vintage Toyota Models

Pictures of classic Toyota models

Toyota has been around for quite some time – since 1933 to be exact. Because the brand has been around the block (pun intended), there are plenty of models that have come, gone or may still be around today. If you’re curious to see some pictures of classic Toyota models, look no further! We’ve chosen five of our favorites! Read the rest of this entry >>

Pikachu on white background

Where are all the Pokémon hiding in Moline, Davenport and beyond?

Best places to catch Pokémon in the Quad Cities

If you’ve been on the internet or even walking down the street, you’ve probably noticed people talking about and playing with the new Pokémon go app. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the new sensation, it’s a game that allows players to go out into the world and  catch Pokémon. The app utilizes players’ cameras to make it look like the little critters are right in front of them in familiar locations. The catch is this: you have to move around to find the Pokémon. If you’re curious to venture to the best places to catch Pokémon in the Quad Cities, look no further. We’ve done our research on the topic and we’re happy to share a few secrets with you! Read the rest of this entry >>

Toyota Camry Hybrid with Prius model v and c

What’s the difference between the new Camry Hybrid and Prius models?

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid vs. Toyota Prius v and c

Drivers in the market for a hybrid have plenty to choose from in today’s market. Since there are so many options, an ample amount of research has to go into finding the one best suited to your lifestyle. Toyota offers plenty of options within the brand – all of which are efficient and wallet-friendly. The new Camry Hybrid and Prius v are neck-in-neck for pricing, both coming in at a bit over $27,500. The Prius c is around $20,400, which gives drivers an even more cost-effective option. If you’re curious what happens when we put the Camry Hybrid vs. the other two Toyota models, read on! Read the rest of this entry >>