Will there ever be a car based on the Toyota KIKAI concept?

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Will there ever be a car based on the Toyota KIKAI concept

Earlier this month we gave you the scoop on the Toyota SF-R concept, an entry level sports car that will actually see a production model (whether it’ll come stateside remains to be seen, however) in the near future. While this is the fate of many concept vehicles, there’s also a subset of the concept world that takes another, more theoretical angle: What COULD we do if we wanted to really get crazy?

These models might not be destined for the dealership showroom floor, much less your garage, but they do offer us an exciting glimpse into what our favorite automakers are capable of when they let sheer creativity collide with top technology with no concern for marketplace value. And so the Toyota KIKAI concept entered our collective vision at the Tokyo Auto Show. Will there ever be a car based on the Toyota KIKAI concept? Never say never, but we won’t say soon.

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Toyota KIKAI Specifications and Photos

The Toyota Global describes the KIKAI thusly:

A true concept car, simultaneously free from and reliant on the core concepts of automobiles.

We couldn’t really phrase it any better than that, and the pictures here really drive the point home:

Toyota KIKAI concept US arrival date
2016 Toyota KIKAI concept engine specs
car based on the Toyota KIKAI concept
Toyota KIKAI Concept measurements
Toyota KIKAI Concept interior specs
Toyota concept vehicles US arrival dates

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KIKAI Concept Specs and Questions

Length/Width/Height 134” / 71” / 61” (we rounded – it’s a concept)
Seating 3 (Why not?)
KIKAI in English chance, instrument, machine, mechanism, weird, wonderful, strange, opportunity, outrageous (we agree!)
Can I buy one? If you find a way, let us know because we want one, too!

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